Quadrant | Official Trailer

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Developed by scientists Harry and Meg, the “Quadrant” helmet allows your mind to transport you into a world where all your phobias and nightmares are real, while also granting you the strength to defeat them, liberating you from their control forever.

But the Quadrant experiment is about to go horribly wrong. When Erin, a young girl who’s obsessed with Jack the Ripper uses the device to actually BECOME the Ripper, she unleashes a reign of terror, first in her mind in an AI version of old London created by the Quadrant, and then in reality, where she now stalks the contemporary city streets, seeking out victims for her blade.

The only way to stop this savage new Ripper is for an even more vicious killer to enter the artificial Quadrant-verse and bring her down. What ensues is a brutal, bloody battle, murderer against murderer, both in this world and the surreal, dangerous, synthetic world of Quadrant!

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