In the Dreaming Deep by Rachel Rowlands Available March 15

Author: Rachel Rowlands

An ancient god with cosmic powers has awoken, threatening to destroy his home.

Hugo Strand dreams of seeing the world, becoming a travel writer, and making something of himself. But with little money, a fragile mother to care for, and the memories of his drowned father to haunt him, he fears he’ll be stuck on Shale Island forever – a place where storms and churning seas fuel whispers of the sea gods, said to awaken every thousand years.

When a sea monster attacks and destroys the sea-train, cutting Shale off from the mainland, what was once myth becomes reality. Teaming up with archaeologist Alma Merneith, Hugo sets out to investigate a strange affliction driving the islanders to madness and death.

But their search uncovers a force beyond imagining, and proof that the sea gods are more monstrous than the residents of Shale could have dreamed. Hugo must battle his lifelong fear of the sea, and Alma must put her archaeological knowledge to the test, to overcome a monstrous legend wearing a crown made of bones…

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