Secrets Among The Tides by Tiffany Shand Available March 13

Author: Tiffany Shand

Life as a spy will prepare her for one final mission.

After years as a prisoner and spy working for the former queen of Andovia, Azura has more than earned her freedom. She is ready to take her motley crew of pirates and find new adventures, but the queen isn’t done with her yet. Holding her mother’s soul hostage, the queen agrees to return it if Azura will go on one more mission.

It will mean returning to a place she thought she would never see again – home.

As a mermaid, Azura once lived in the underwater city of Althea, a place she left behind a long time ago. Now she must return and retrieve a powerful object for the queen. But her journey won’t be as easy as she thought and she ends up using her childhood friend, Erik, to get what she wants.

Althea has changed. Magic is now forbidden and Azura is in danger. This isn’t the home she once knew and if she isn’t careful, she may not make it back alive.

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