Taking Possession by W. Dale Jordan Available January 7

Author: W. Dale Jordan

“Dear Tyler,

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this letter for a long time…”

Tyler is a young gay man with his whole life ahead of him. Then his Uncle Jodie died and left him the deed to Memory Lane Antiques, a small shop in an even smaller town.

When he and his best friend, Madison, arrive to assess the inventory, they’re led by unseen forces to an old journal. Only then do they realize the full meaning of ownership and possession.

Memory Lane is filled with curious items. Some mundane, others deadly.

As they dive deeper into Jodie’s writing, Tyler cannot help but notice the similarities between their lives, nor is he prepared for just how deep his own ties run to a dark-glassed mirror that hangs in the showroom and the ghost of a boy named Frankie who will do anything to escape its murky depths.

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