The Children (Murphy’s Law Book 2) by Ernie J. Sinclair Available April 30

Author: Ernie J. Sinclair

Book two of this exciting new series is filled with fast-paced action, zombie carnage, and the evils that men do when there is no law… Except Murphy’s Law!

Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong and at the worst possible moment. Truer words have never been spoken about Dillon Winters and his brother, Zach, who are doing their best to carve out a new life for themselves on the plains of west-central Kansas. After barely escaping with their lives while fleeing the horrors of Dallas, TX, they are forging ahead as they undertake a mission to unite others in a common goal: survival.

As their small community grows, so do the problems. The infected remain a constant danger, but the brothers soon realize the much deadlier enemy is actually the human survivors who are only out for themselves.

Dillon grows closer to Sara, a fellow survivor and divorcĂ©e from an abusive marriage, while her ex-husband’s anger grows at their burgeoning relationship.

Tensions rise when a woman’s body is discovered hanging from a rope in the middle of the compound. Was it suicide or murder? Not sure who he can trust, Dillon searches for the truth while battling gangs, the infected, and the evil within their own walls.

On top of everything else, a scavenging mission goes horribly wrong as Murphy’s Law collides with them at every turn and threatens to take Zach away. With most of his family already dead, missing, or infected, Dillon is willing to fight his way to Hell and back to save his brother’s life.

Through it all, Dillon must battle his internal demons as he continues to struggle with his daughter’s death and the strange nightmares that are becoming more and more frequent.

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