The Deviant #6 Available June 12

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Author: James Tynion IV

One of the grimmest chapters in Milwaukee’s history repeats itself as the law descends on Michael Schmitz, eerily echoing the Deviant Killer’s arrest half a century ago. But is Michael the copycat murderer…or just another outsider primed to take the blame for an act of horror he didn’t commit?

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The Deviant #5 Available May 8

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Author: James Tynion

Michael Schmitz is working on a book about the man imprisoned for the grisly slaying of two teenage boys fifty years ago. But for Michael, the Deviant Killer isn’t just his subject, but an obsession—one that changed the course of his childhood. THE DEVIANT returns as Michael’s connection to these gruesome slaying begins to unravel.

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The Deviant #3 Available January 17

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Author: James Tynion

The only police officer to get close to the Deviant Killer in ’72 took an ax to his face…and lived. But when that same officer starts tracking down possible leads, will the primary suspect survive the encounter? The winter nights stretch on as JAMES TYNION IV (DRACULA) and JOSHUA HIXSON (The Plot) continue their snow-swept horror story.

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The Deviant #2 Available December 20

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Author: James Tynion

The Deviant Killer was apprehended half a century ago. So whos behind the grisly slaying of a young man in a Chicago department store…and why does Michael see so much of himself in the man locked behind bars for the original murders? JAMES TYNION IV (W0RLDTR33) and JOSHUA HIXSON (The Plot) cut deeper into their Christmas horror tale, just in time for the holidays.

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