Thorns Official Trailer (2023) FrighFest

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A daring fusion of religious lore and scientific exploration, echoing the spine-chilling narratives of iconic horror films such as Hellraiser, The Thing, Alien, and The Exorcist. An ex-clergyman, now employed by NASA, is dispatched to examine a secluded observatory that abruptly ceased all communication following the receipt of an enigmatic deep-space radio signal. On his arrival, he uncovers a terrifying reality – the signal has triggered a portal, setting free a monstrous creature adorned with thorns. Faced with this insidious threat, the erstwhile man of cloth must reignite his long-abandoned faith to cease the signal’s terrestrial propagation, thereby averting the impending apocalypse. With horrific scenes of visceral dismemberment, tormented sisters of the cloister, apocalyptic biblical narratives, and the legendary Pinhead actor Doug Bradley assuming the role of an enigmatic archbishop, this tale promises a horrifyingly immersive experience.

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