Those Savage Stars (Star Kissed Book 1) by Cameo Renae Available April 3

Author: Cameo Renae

Elara: As an infant, I was abandoned on the steps of a church. My childhood was spent in an abusive foster home. At nineteen, I killed someone.

Not long after, three men in black cloaks kidnap me and whisk me through a magical portal to a world I never knew existed. A world they say is my home. But the enchanting realm of Celestria is in turmoil. A dark enemy has infiltrated the land and is attempting to seize control. The last hope of the people of Celestria is locating Changelings in the mortal world… like me.

Yet an assessment of my magic leads to a shocking revelation. Someone used a powerful spell to suppress my powers. But who? And why?

Prince Kage Dargan: The moment I see her, my world pauses. Though we’ve never met, the girl is familiar to me. Since I was a boy… she has visited me in my dreams.

Even so, I can’t let my guard down around her. The last Changeling I trusted tried to kill me. Besides, my attraction to her is a temptation I can’t risk. My parents arranged my upcoming marriage years ago and breaking that pact could have steep consequences.

Still, I have to wonder why the girl from my dreams has finally appeared. Is it fate? Or something far more sinister?

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