Videodrome Original Trailer (David Cronenberg, 1983)

Combining the bio-horror elements of his earlier films whilst anticipating the technological themes of his later work, Videodrome exemplifies David Cronenberg’s extraordinary talent for making both visceral and cerebral cinema.

Max Renn (James Woods) is looking for fresh new content for his TV channel when he happens across some illegal S&M style broadcasts called “Videodrome”. Embroiling his girlfriend Nick (Deborah Harry) in his search for the source, his journey begins to blur the lines between reality and fantasy as he works his way through sadomasochistic games, shady organisations and body transformations stunningly realised by Oscar-winning makeup effects artist Rick Baker.

Hailed by his contemporaries John Carpenter (“he’s better than all of us combined!”) and Martin Scorsese (“no one makes films like he does”) as a genius, Videodrome was Cronenberg’s most mature work to date and still stands as one of his greatest.

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Horror History: Friday, February 4, 1983: Videodrome was released in theaters

David Cronenberg’s (Scanners) diabolical invader is a television show that seduces and controls its viewers. James Woods as a cable programmer looking for the ultimate in viewing thrills who becomes caught up in the horrific television reality.

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