Blood Cove 2: Return of the Skull Movie Trailer

In the sleepy town of Beansboro, Indiana, a killer is about to strike again. Despite the best efforts from local authorities six months earlier, it appears the Skull was not destroyed in the haunted house fire as believed. Now the bloodthirsty maniac has set his sights on revenge – and the peaceful community is about to become the devil’s playground. Only Det. Dan Lockwood (Mark Dessauer) and his daughter Brooke (Autumn Hall) stand in the way of the masked madman’s killing spree.

Coming in 2022 from SRS Cinema LLC

Moonlight Films presents

Blood Cove 2: Return of the Skull

Starring: Lloyd Kaufman, Mark Dessauer, Autumn Hall, Erinn Swaby, C.A. McGregor, Vickie Bough, John Danner, Rebecca Elder, Dalton Ewers, Tyler Fiscus, Jeff Fulk