Frankenstein’s Monster : The Graphic Novel Available December 18

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Author: Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, the most famous of all science fiction stories whose influence is immeasurable is now seen in all its horror and tragedy. Told from the monster’s point of view using the original text, witness the innocent creature brought to life and abandoned by its creator where all it finds is hate and fear. Vowing vengeance, it will not stop at nothing until everything Frankenstein holds dear is destroyed.

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The Last Man by Mary Shelley Available April 4

Author: Mary Shelley

One of the first dystopian novels ever written, The Last Man traces the impact of an unstoppable pandemic as it slowly overtakes the world. Beginning in the year 2073, the story follows Lionel Vesey—the titular last man—and his circle of friends as the disease creeps from continent to continent and erodes the foundations of civilization. Published in 1826, after the death of Shelley’s husband, her stepsister, and her two children, The Last Man is both an eerily accurate story about humanity wrestling with disaster and a moving fable about surviving personal grief.

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