It Eats What Feeds It Available September 12

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Author: Max Hoven & Aaron Crow

It Eats What Feeds It is a gothic romance comic book series set in the mystic bayou of Louisiana written by Max Hoven and Aaron Crow and Illustrated by Gabriel Iumazark, published by Scout Comics.

In this grimy horror romp, Francois, a stunning middle-aged woman, has developed a worsening affliction and seeks a young caretaker to upkeep her lavish creole mansion deep in the mystic bayou of Louisiana. Kenny, a teenage half-wit looking for a summer job, stumbles right to her doorstep. Free rent, free meals, high pay, easy work, and a provocative boss… what’s there for Kenny to refuse? Well, there’s the blood-covered kitchen spilling over with raw meat and the bolt-locked steel-plated attic door he’s restricted access to. Are these red flags worth the risk of missing out on a wild summer romance?


Graphic Novel