Comeuppance : Dark & Twisted Tales by Molly Garcia Available March 2

Author: Molly Garcia 8 Tales of Comeuppance. Enter a dark world, where those who most deserve it, get their comeuppance. Watcher Who is the watcher? His creatures are hungry and they need to feed on those who deserve it. Greed Box If you were offered a wish would you use it for yourself or someone […]

The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency by Peter Oxley Available March 2

Author: Peter Oxley London, 1868. The streets are haunted by thieves, murderers… and demons from beyond the Aether. Spencer and Bart are the city’s most incompetent crooks, and they are in deep trouble. Hunted by both police and their fellow criminals, they are forced to consider the unthinkable —going straight. Forming The Great Big Demon […]

The Last Bet by Erin Lee & Olivia Marie Available March 2

Author: Erin Lee & Olivia Marie Lifelong best friends Elaine and Katie had heard all the stories about the dilapidated shack in the woods. For years, area teens had braved spending the night in the shack’s mysterious clutch. Like clockwork, one or two of them came up missing every time. But the girls weren’t so […]

The Sacrament : A Religious Horror Anthology by Various Available March 2

Author: Various The Sacrament is a collection of tales that will take you to the depths of terror and despair. It delves into the unknown and the unseen, revealing a world where the higher power has gone awry, and all that’s left is horror. Each story in this anthology is crafted by a diverse group […]

Tales from the Monoverse : A Last Waltz Anthology by Various Available March 2

Author: Various From the green of vegetation to the blue of the ocean, and from crimson blood to orange flames, the world that surrounds us is full of countless tints and shades, immeasurable in their variety. And yet… what if that wasn’t true? What if life was like the films of yesteryear, grayscale palettes devoid […]