The Last Bet by Erin Lee & Olivia Marie Available March 2

Author: Erin Lee & Olivia Marie

Lifelong best friends Elaine and Katie had heard all the stories about the dilapidated shack in the woods. For years, area teens had braved spending the night in the shack’s mysterious clutch. Like clockwork, one or two of them came up missing every time. But the girls weren’t so sure they believed the rumors made up by locals to excuse disappearances. The reasons for missing teens in the area could have other plausible explanations like kids being sent to drug rehab or secret family issues. It wasn’t like Katie and Elaine weren’t familiar with how the adults in town worked. They’d been the ones to start the rumors about the shack at the edge of town.

When the girls are dared to spend the night ‘shacking up’ with their boyfriends in the legendary spot, they curiously but reluctantly agree. Soon, they learn that they should have heeded the warnings. But no one could have predicted the reality of the horrors the foursome face inside the shack. Making a pact to stay together, all they must do is make it through the night until daylight. But that won’t be easy. In fact, it might be impossible. Will the latest group of naïve teens survive the night or fall victim to the thing that haunts the shack in the woods? Or will only the luckiest make it out alive?