Accursed : Book Three (The Realm) by L. Marie Wood Available March 21

Author: L. Marie Wood Accursed, the final book in The Realm series, puts Patrick, his son Doug, and his granddaughter Gabby together in a fight against an evil that is hungry for the souls of all the people he loves—of every soul who would descend from his line. Surrounded by seen and unseen foes, Patrick […]

The Apocalypse Rebellion by Nick Vossen Available March 21

Author: Nick Vossen For fans of Simone St. James A devious doomsday cult is leading civilization to the brink of extinction. Now when they are needed most, Lilly and Quincy Swansong are worlds apart—both physically and mentally. However, they must set aside their personal struggles for one last time to deal with an ancient evil […]

Blackwoode : Shadows & Silver by C L Brown Available March 21

Author: C L Brown How can others accept you if you can’t accept yourself? Simon Blackwoode is a werewolf who has never been part of a pack. As the new Alpha of the Manhattan wolf pack, it’s no surprise that some pack members have doubts. The murder of two pack members presents a chance to […]

The Blood Hours by Ann H Fox Available March 21

Author: Ann H Fox For as long as anyone can remember, those cursed with ebb-magic have been marked for death by the gods. Sayer has always known his fate: he was given seventy-two years of life before he must become a sacrifice. His sister was only promised ten. Now the Blood Hours are set to […]

Covenants : Four Tales of Agreements by Moe Lane Available March 21

Author: Moe Lane Four tales of agreements! Follow along as MARIE VISITS THE CONTINENT, on a mission of delicacy, and monsters. Sally forth with Duchess Carlotta into a zombie-haunted world as she takes THE QUEST FROM CASTLE WINDERMERE. Go on a TOUR OF DUTY in the interstellar spaces between charnel worlds. And lastly, discover with […]

Death Goes to the Dogs by Anna Tambour Available March 21

Author: Anna Tambour When Death Takes A Holiday, You’re Coming Along (like it or not). What’s it really like in Dog Heaven? Why do angels cheat at golf? If charity begins at home, where does it end? And what-and why-are barnacle geese? The unbelievable answers to these and other maddening enigmas lie within Death Goes […]

Devil Child (CELESTE Book 4) by Amélia Cognet Available March 21

Author: Amélia Cognet The worst monsters are often human. Five years after The Faceless, Riley and James are building a life together, but several failed attempts at building a family is shaking the strength of their relationship. It feels as though things couldn’t get worse until someone from James’s past unexpectedly resurfaces. Charles, his younger […]

Dungeon Expedition (The Fallen World Book 2) by Alex S. Weber Available March 21

Author: Alex S. Weber One more step toward vengeance, but another toward war. Alexandra’s dungeon has finally been discovered, and as news of her existence ripples through the world, empires and kingdoms take notice… and prepare for war. Her isolated dungeon sits between two nations with a rivalry that is centuries in the making, and […]