Corruption of the Avowed Realms (A Portal Fantasy Series) by Milly McAdams & JH Woods Available March 21

Author: Milly McAdams & JH Woods

Amelia of Elara is lost.

Along with her friends, Amelia had traveled to a land of heat and sands as far as her eyes can see. Four suns circle overhead, and she survives only with the help of the wonderful people of Realm Thebe.

But all is not what it seems. The Good King Wrython sends Amelia and Voss to aid the realm’s greatest minds in their quest to restore the portals, Jon, Obi, and Corty are separated from the group to begin training, and the queen seems to only have eyes for Morrow of Herse.

Strangest of all, Amelia has seen no sight of the roots of corruption, which have haunted her steps for months.

But everything changes when Amelia learns of the working portal to Realm Elara.

She finally has the chance to go home.

This is the fourth book in the Corruption of the Avowed Realms series. This portal fantasy novel features a magical world with a found family, lots of swords and sorcery (and maces!) and a strong female main character! These books are best read in order.