Death Goes to the Dogs by Anna Tambour Available March 21

Author: Anna Tambour

When Death Takes A Holiday, You’re Coming Along (like it or not).

What’s it really like in Dog Heaven? Why do angels cheat at golf? If charity begins at home, where does it end? And what-and why-are barnacle geese? The unbelievable answers to these and other maddening enigmas lie within Death Goes To The Dogs, a collection so recklessly overstuffed with rabid imagination we refuse all liability in the event that it bursts in your hands.

When Aurealis Award-winning fantasist Anna Tambour delves into the secret lives and forbidden loves of advertising mascots, nursery rhyme refugees and the archetypes of Life (herself) and Death (himself), questions nobody ever thought to ask (and only the inestimable Mike Dubisch dared to illustrate), ripen into scathing fables for our post-historical age.