I’ll Tell You My Secrets (Camila’s Memoir Book 1) by A. Lopez Jr. Available March 21

Author: A. Lopez Jr.

An unwanted gift. A home filled with sinister secrets. And a mother who knows the dark truth about her family.

Ten-year-old Camila is an ordinary girl growing up with her tight-knit Mexican-American family in Arizona… but she’s unknowingly burdened with a powerful gift – one that might haunt her for the rest of her life. Dark shadows lurk in the halls of her family home. An evil presence stalks her devout Catholic mother, who seems to transform into a different person come nightfall. As Camila struggles to come to terms with her horrifying visions, she’s quickly thrust into a terrifying search to reveal the truth about her gift – and the evil entity haunting her family.

Now, Camila retraces her story, taking you down a sinister path of twists and turns as she fights for a way to rid herself of her debilitating curse… along with her gnawing fear that she’ll pass it on to her young daughter.

Steeped in deeply rooted Mexican-American culture and beliefs, this menacing tale shines a light on the shadows that lurk on the edge of reality, leaving you with a frightening glimpse into the dark forces that are hungering for your soul…

As an authentic story based on true events, I’ll Tell You My Secrets is a gripping autobiography that transports you into a world where demons are real and one girl’s soul hangs in the balance. As a must-read for anyone who believes in the paranormal, this book will challenge everything you thought you knew about religion and science. Scroll up and grab your copy today…

Some things can’t be changed. Some things don’t want to be changed.