The Barn Part II (2022) (Special Edition Blu-ray) Available January 24

It’s been three years since Michelle (Lexi Dripps) escaped the events in Wheary Falls. However, she is still plagued with the questions of what truly happened to Sam and Josh (Mitchell Musolino and Will Stout) and the rest of her friends that disappeared on Halloween night. Now in college, Michelle and best friend, Heather (Sable […]

The Dentist Collection Available January 24

Where there’s a drill, there’s a way. Corbin Bernsen stars as homicidal dentist Dr. Alan Feinstone in these two horror favorites, available for the first time on Blu-ray™. In The Dentist, Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Feinstone seems to have the perfect, ordered life — until the discovery of his wife’s affair with the pool boy […]

Don’t Look at the Demon (2022) Available January 24

Led by the troubled medium Jules (Fiona Dourif) an American team of paranormal TV investigators go to the home of a couple who claim to have experienced inexplicable, threatening disturbances. Delving into the mystery, they encounter possessions and apparitions more terrifying than any they’d witnessed before – actual contact with the other side. As the […]

Frozen Alive (1964) Available January 24

Two scientists experiment with suspended animation. Frank insists on being a test subject despite direct orders to the contrary. While working in the lab his wife is killed by gunshot and he’s suspected of her murder. Now the authorities insist he be thawed out immediately and face the consequences! STARRING: Mark Stevens, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang […]

The Ghosts Of Monday (2022) Available January 24

THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY tells the chilling story of a group of US film-makers who travel to Cyprus to film a documentary in the tragically famous Hotel Gula – a once popular resort where more than 100 people died in mysterious circumstances. What begins as just another day at the office will eventually turn into […]

Jane (2022) Available January 24

When Olivia is deferred from her dream college she begins to spiral. To regain control, she embarks on a social media war against those in her way, but as things escalate, she is forced to embrace her darkest impulses to get ahead. STARRING: Madelaine Petsch, Melissa Leo, Chloe Bailey

Nightmare Man (2006) Available January 24

WHEN NIGHT FALLS, THE HUNT BEGINS! From writer / director Rolfe Kanefsky comes “a brilliant gem of independent horror …” (Jane Magazine). After receiving a demonic African mask in the mail, Ellen Morris (Blythe Metz) is attacked in her dreams by an evil being she calls ‘Nightmare Man’ and is labeled a paranoid schizophrenic by […]

Playing With Fire (1975) Available January 24

Grossly affluent banker Georges de Saxe (Philippe Noiret) keeps his daughter, Carolina (Anicée Alvina), hidden in a mysterious house of perversion after a kidnapping attempt snags a young woman who resembles her. Carolina soon finds herself trapped in a deliberately confused existence in the house of sexual exploitation and imprisonment. At the heart of it […]

Rotten Fruit (2021) Available January 24

Detective Paul Wolfs is an older cop and one week before his retirement it seems he has caught alleged serial killer Robert Clarck. The evidence is overwhelming and a confession would be the icing on the cake of his career. STARRING: Michele Rocco Smeets, Stefan Vancraeynest, Rufus Six

The Scorpion With Two Tails (1982) Available January 24

Originally shot as an 8-part horror miniseries for Italian television, maverick director Sergio (Torso) Martino’s 1982 horror mystery The Scorpion With Two Tails was later cut down to feature length and released theatrically in various European markets. But the movie hasn’t properly been available in North America on Blu-ray or DVD….until now! The Scorpion With […]