GremoryLand Volume 1 Available August 15

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Author: A. Rasen

You won’t be able to tear your eyes away.

It’s too late to turn back now. The only way out is to survive GremoryLand.

Six old school friends are invited to be the first visitors to GremoryLand, a new horror theme park that promises an experience as unique as it is frightening.

But once they enter the gates the friends realize that this is no ordinary place. Filled with murderous animal mascots, sinister animatronics, and twisted carnival games, the park has become a literal game of life or death. They are trapped, and will have to face their most desperate fears in order to make it out alive.

As the six move through the park, the dangerous attractions start to reference chilling details from their own memories, like Jax bullying Rami, and Zoe’s deeply troubled home life. The friends need to stay united, but GremoryLand will do everything in its power to tear them apart.

To escape GremoryLand, they have to survive their own worst nightmares, and each other.

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