Dejah Thoris : Crimson Genesis Available June 4

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Author: Chuck Brown

An all-new vision of A Princess of Mars! Eisner Award-winning writer Chuck Brown (Bitter Root) and stellar artist Emiliana Pinna (Red Sonja) present Dehah Thoris, a tale set before the events of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ first classic novel.

Young Princess Dejah has lived a sheltered existence, growing up behind vast palace walls, guarded by Helium’s greatest warriors. But when the entire royal family is attacked by horrific Kaldane Martians, Dejah narrowly escapes into the wilds of Barsoom, with no recourse but to strike out on a quest to save her kingdom…

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Dejah Thoris #6 Available August 30

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Author: Chuck Brown


War rages at the Island of Ompt, and the bodies of man-eaters and Green Martians soon litter the red soil of Mars. But will the Kangaroo King finally join Dejah Thoris in her fight and help turn the tide? Or will Moak and his minions succeed in shattering her fragile alliance?

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Dejah Thoris #5 by Chuck Brown Available July 19

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Author: Chuck Brown

In the Barsoom marshes, near the Island of Ompt, man-eaters are stalking Green Martians and Kangaroo Men! And though Dejah Thoris rides a mighty winged Malagor, it will take more than just her might to fend off the man-eaters — it will take the combined might of all the allies she’s learned to trust in her epic journeys!

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