Creature of the Wheel (House of Ausher Book 1) by Ember Drake Available April 30

Author: Ember Drake

Warning! This book contains scenes of sexual assault.

Kept hidden from the world and sheltered for most of her life, 16-year-old Kezia’s world explodes when she comes into her powers. Now on the run from a murderous demon, Kezia is hurled into a life she never thought possible. Despite the promise of revenge for the loss of her family at the hands of the demon that hunts her, Kezia attempts to get away from her abusive mentor. In a failed mission, she finds comfort in the arms of a man claiming to be Death. Will she leave her old life behind for Death’s cold embrace or will the temptation for revenge remain too sweet to resist?

As an immortal assassin, Raesh has no equal. During his hunt to capture a blood-thirsty shapeshifter, he runs into a young girl that is more than what she seems. At a client’s request, he is asked to find and care for the girl and to make her his apprentice. Leary about the girl’s mysterious benefactor, Raesh is determined to find out the connection between the two.

A lonely widower and god of Death, Roland Ausher has decided to live among the mortals and atone for the broken promise he made to his late wife. After the fourth attempt on his life is made, Roland is finally fed up. But can he bring himself to torture and kill the beautiful assassin or will he give in to his desires for her?

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