Victory #3 Available August 23

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Author: David F. Walker


Victory, Vampirella’s erstwhile lover and inexplicable object of interest to Lilith, is also the not-so-proud owner of the Belial ring. Why does that last part matter? Well, because the ring used to belong to a demon, it draws Victory to evil, and it’s mystically bonded itself to her — permanently. (Lucky her!) On the bright side, it also gives her nifty powers like flying, shooting bolts of mystic energy, and being able to transform that energy into specific shapes like she’s some lost third Wonder Twin. But ever since it landed on her finger, Victory has been wondering why so many demons are trying to kill her to get a ring that she’d just as soon not have. Now she’s going to get an answer, whether she likes it or not, as the ring pulls her into a head-on confrontation with an evil the likes of which she has never known!

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Victory #4 Available September 20

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Author: David F. Walker


Victory has faced the consequences of a lifetime of bad decisions, but now she must survive her greatest challenge yet, as she fights for both her life and the Belial ring that has possessed her soul. But it turns out that there is an enemy far greater than the demonic forces of Belialah that threaten Victory — and it will stop at nothing to destroy her!

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Victory #2 Available July 26

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Author: David F. Walker

As if being cursed with the ring of the demon Belial wasn’t bad enough for Victory, now she’s being chased by demons who want the very same ring that she can’t get rid of — making for unpleasant irony and lots of that brimstone smell. Speaking of smell, Victory is escorted to the P.U. (Purgatory Department — no, not that Purgatori) by her new colleagues, Lucy Fuhr and Gaye Briel. There, she gets some face-to-face time with the big boss himself — the Devil!

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