Phobias Trailer

Two movies by Robert J. Massetti that are sure to conjure up any hidden Phobias that you might have lurking in the dark reaches of your mind. First, “When Shadows Lie Darkest” tells a chilling yarn of a man who finds it hard to tell whether his nightmares are real or just dreams. They lead him into a dark, surreal world shadowed by a killer. Will he wake in time? Next is “Blackout”, which centers around a desperate wife stuck in a dead end marriage with her drunk, out of work husband. During a power Blackout, she kills her husband in self defense. As police investigate the suspicious murder, the woman finds herself befriending a song writer who enjoys pulling childish “pranks”. As she tries to move on with her life, she is haunted by strange and unexplainable occurrences. Is her new friend up to his old tricks, or is it something much worse?