Canary Available June 25

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Author: Scott Snyder

In 1884 a mine collapsed into itself. What was the dark substance found 666 feet underground?

Blending modern horror, historical fact and Western lore, Scott Snyder and Dan Panosian have created a uniquely terrifying thriller with Canary.

During the final days of the Gold Rush, one mining company in Utah pulled up radioactive Uranium, and then the mine then collapsed in on itself. Legends sprung up about the mine being cursed or even haunted.

Now the Frontier is closed and the gold and silver mines have dried up. The country is becoming “civilized,” and yet, in one stretch of the Rocky Mountains, a terrifying, new kind of violence is suddenly emerging. Random killings. People going mad and murdering neighbors and classmates without real cause. When a schoolboy kills his teacher with a hatchet, a famous federal marshal named Azrael William Holt is called in to investigate the killings. What he and a brilliant young geologist uncover is stranger and more horrifying than anything they could have ever imagined.

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Dark Spaces : Dungeon #5 Available April 10

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Author: Scott Snyder

What is the Keep’s endgame? How will it forever change or destroy Tyler and his family’s life? Will Detective Madoc be able to overcome his traumatic experiences in the Dungeons as a boy to unravel the Keep’s plans and stop this from ever happening to anyone else? The finale of the year’s most intense thriller is here!

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Dark Spaces : Dungeon #4 Available March 13

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Author: Scott Snyder

Why was Detective Madoc kept in the Dungeon? Who chose that fate for him? These questions have haunted him for years and given him countless sleepless nights. He’s now on the verge of discovering who sabotaged his whole life. But will he live to reveal the true nature of the dungeon master? Or will he once again become a doomed prisoner? The critically acclaimed miniseries reaches its penultimate issue!

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Canary #6 Available December 26

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Author: Scott Snyder

All is revealed as Holt descends the mine to levels never before reached. The nightmarish truth of Canary is finally revealed in this finale. Don’t miss the heart-stopping conclusion of this gruesome Old West tale.

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Dark Spaces : Dungeon #2 Available December 13

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Author: Scott Snyder

“TELL NO ONE!” The message scrawled in the Father’s basement haunts his mind as he tries to get his family to start their new life in their small, quiet, upstate town. As they start introducing themselves to other people in their community, any of them could be the owner of the Dungeon in his basement. Will he lose his mind before he can find the identity of who is responsible for the evil buried under his home?

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Nocterra Volume 3 Available November 7

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Author: Scott Snyder

Desperate to find Eos before the shades bring it down, Sundog Convoy is locked in a race against time as they barrel across the country to the unknown. Their mission – deliver the equation and bring back the light. But what they find might just be the most terrifying darkness of all. Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of Nocterra’s first cycle!

Legendary creators Scott Snyder (Dark Knights: Death Metal, Wytches) and Tony S. Daniel (Batman, Deathstroke) keep the scares going in the next arc of their pulse-pounding hit ongoing series. Plus, discover the thrilling origin of Val Riggs and the Ferrymen, illustrated by Francis Manapul (Justice League, Clear).

Collects Nocterra #12-16 & Nocterra: VAL SPECIAL

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Dark Spaces : Dungeon #1 Available October 25

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Author: Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman reunite for the next installment in the critically acclaimed Dark Spaces anthology series. A family moves from the rustle and bustle of the Big Apple to upstate New York. However, their father’s dreams of a quiet rural life are shattered when he discovers a DUNGEON underneath their land filled with torture devices, weapons, and a threatening message on the wall that reads, “TELL NO ONE.” Paranoia sets in rapidly as the father realizes anyone in his new hometown could be the dungeon master. Whom can he trust? And how will he keep this secret from his family while keeping them SAFE? From the creative team behind the acclaimed Dark Spaces: Wildfire comes another dark tale of intrigue and the bad things people do.

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Nocterra #16 Available September 20

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Author: Scott Snyder


“NO BRAKES,” Part Five

Thirteen years ago, the sun set and never returned. Now, with the forces of darkness staring them down, it’s up to Val, Em, and the Ferrymen to save humankind from total blackout. NOCTERRA’s latest arc comes to its stunning conclusion in a no-holds-barred showdown!

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Nocterra : Nemesis Special (ONE-SHOT) by Scott Snyder Available July 19

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Author: Scott Snyder

As Sundog Convoy fights to prevent the end of everything, a Ferryman is shown the beautiful, terrifying origin of light and darkness across all of space and time. This special one-shot will lead directly into the stunning conclusion of the “No Brakes” storyline!

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