Monolith #1 Available May 15

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Author: Sean Lewis


The origin of the hulking Hellspawn is finally revealed. What connection does he have to one of the most savage of his kind, Omega Spawn? Follow his journey from the cosmic depths of deep-spawn to his first encounter with Al Simmons in this three-part miniseries!

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Survival Available January 16

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Author: Sean Lewis

When Emma Reed journeyed back to her hometown in Alaska, she was expecting little more than a tense family reunion.

But early that morning, a plane full of militarized vampires in a hijacked Russian war plane crash landed in the thick woods near the mountain, and changed her life forever.

This thrilling tale combines the action-packed drama of Red Dawn and the horror of 30 Days of Night, as these invaders aren’t just here to control the American wilderness they now occupy, but to literally suck the blood from their victims.

Collects Survival #1–#5.

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The Scorched Vol. 3 Available January 9

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Author: Todd McFarlane & Sean Lewis

There’s a threat so big that no single hero can stop it, and the formation of Todd McFarlane’s new supergroup is the only thing standing in its way. Members include SPAWN, REDEEMER, GUNSLINGER SPAWN, MEDIEVAL SPAWN, and SHE-SPAWN, with many more heroes waiting in the wings. Join the battle as the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Earth collide!

The team has triumphed over the Sin Devourers, but a traitor lurks among them. SPAWN and the SCORCHED team are at odds, and tensions are high. A plea for help arrives, and a new member tests Jessica’s leadership. When they think they have it all figured out, a new threat arises, and a blast from the past throws everything into chaos!

Collects Scorched Issues #13 – 18

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Survival #5 Available September 6

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Author: Sean Lewis

While her dad takes to the skies, Emma, Danny, and Oak take off in pursuit of the mysterious voice coming through their radio. The final showdown between Rasul and the survivors comes to an explosive conclusion, the living fight the dead, and blood runs red under the midnight sun.

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Survival #4 Available August 9

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Author: Sean Lewis

Smoke rises above the trees of Talkeetna, as one by one the survivors begin to be pick off by the ravenous vampires. With victory now a fading hope, Emma and her family turn all their efforts to the only option left to them: escape!

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