The Peddler Princess by Sol Yu Available March 15

Author: Sol Yu

The Peddler Princess died three days ago.

Since her passing, a ceaseless wind has lifted itself into the air, wailing day and night, thin like hunger cries. How is everyone ignoring this sound? And do they not smell the scent of her perfume lingering in every room?

No matter. The Peddler Princess was promised that her body would be collected, and now she will make sure that it is done. But as hauntings continue to deteriorate the narrator’s mental state, they also reveal timelines and memories they had locked away for years. Unbeknownst to the Peddler Princess, the narrator’s mother had prophesized her death, warning that the Peddler Princess would be collected by the same voices that took her own mind.

Now, time has started to count down for the narrator themself, wracked by their guilt of watching the Peddler Princess’ parallel passage. Can they find a way out before it is too late? The answer keeps pointing to a house with vacant eye-like windows, an inverted closet, and a faceless woman in white towering above the door frame.

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