Werewolf By Night (2023) #1 Available September 13

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Author: Derek Landy

AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE! In the shadows of black-and-white night, Jack Russell races to halt the sacrifice of a young girl at the hands of monsters. Elsa Bloodstone, in all her colorful monster-hunting glory, isn’t far behind. But can they put their differences aside long enough to save the day? And what would such a partnership even look like?

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Werewolf By Night #33 Available August 9

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Author: Doug Moench


Werewolf by Night vs. Moon Knight: round two! In his debut appearance, Marc Spector did the job for which he was hired – hunting and capturing Jack Russell! But transporting the werewolf back to the shadowy Committee and collecting his hard-earned fee won’t be easy – because the moon is still high, and Jack still has some fight left in him! Can the unfortunate lycanthrope escape before dawn turns him back into human form? And if not, will the mercenary Marc really leave Jack to the mercies of the sinister Committee? Find out in a crucial chapter of the story of the Werewolf by Night – one that set Moon Knight on the path to becoming a silver-clad sensation! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

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