West of Sundown Vol. 2: Youthful Blasphemy Available July 25

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Author: Tim Seeley & Aaron Campbell

From Dusk Till Dawn and American Vampire meet The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in this terrifying tale of the Old West, survival, blood, and monsters.

La Sangre es la Vida

The New Mexico town of Sangre De Moro has accepted its strange new residents: beautiful vampire Constance Der Abend, her thrall, Frankenstein’s monster, and the would-be mad scientist, Griffin. But a new threat has come for the evil-saturated soil of the mesa: Dr. Moreau and his strange companions.

West of Sundown – where Hammer Horror and literary monsters stake their claim in old New Mexico.

A Western tale of survival starring a cast of literary horrors from the diabolical minds of Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Vampire: The Masquerade, Money Shot), Aaron Campbell (Hellblazer, Infidel), and Jim Terry (Vampirella, Come Home, Indio)!

For fans of Westworld, Red Dead Redemption, American Vampire, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hammer Horror films, Universal monsters, and Preacher!

Collects the entire second arc, issues #6-#10, of the smash-hit series!

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