Horror History: Sunday, May 15, 1988: “Tales From The Darkside” episode “Do Not Open This Box” premiered

Season 4 Episode 15

Charlie is a sweet-natured but unsuccessful inventor. His wife Ruth (an acid-tongued opportunist who sorely regrets her choice of spouse, and who is openly jealous of their well-to-do neighbor) takes advantage of a deliveryman’s generosity, after the latter expresses his need for a mistakenly delivered item with the title warning inscribed on it. When it becomes evident that Ruth has no intention of returning the box, our deliveryman reveals his true identity. It doesn’t help that Ruth has already opened the apparently empty box…or that the box in fact contained something which, literally, money cannot buy.

Written by Franco Amurri and directed by Jodie Foster and guest-starring Eileen Heckart.


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