Beyond Darkness (1990) Available October 26

Shortly after completing TROLL 2, writer/director Claudio Fragasso and co-writer Rossella Drudi (Shocking Dark) returned to America to combine elements of The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Beyond and their own insane aesthetic for what critics – and Fragasso/Drudi themselves – consider to be their horror masterpiece: When a Satanic child killer is executed, she transforms the new home of a young reverend and his family into a portal to Hell. Gene LeBrock (Metamorphosis), David Brandon (Caligula 2) and Michael Paul Stephenson (child star of Troll 2 and director of Best Worst Movie) star in this batsh*t crazy good time (EuroCult AV) shot by Joe D’Amato with costumes by Laura Gemser, an epic score by Carlo Maria Cordio (Night Killer) and released in Italy as Evil Dead 5, now featuring new interviews produced exclusively for this edition.

STARRING: Gene LeBrock, David Brandon, Barbara Bingham




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