Slaughter Beach (2022) Available October 10

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Welcome to Slaughter Beach! Where the water is cool, the sun is hot, and the fish hooks are razor sharp! When beach bums Ralph and Barry (Jon Mckoy & Ethan Han) are down on their luck in a job search, they decide to become vigilantes to track down a crazed fisherman (Jim Cannatelli) who is terrorizing their coastal town. Can these two wannabe superheroes tackle the problem before the whole town becomes fish food?? Featuring award-winning gore effects from Isabelle Isel (Trauma Queen FX) and killer music tracks from Station, The Jasons, and Skatune Network. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and suit up for splatter hijinks with the Defender Benders as they try to foil Fish Man Sam’s tsunami of terror in this tongue-in-cheek tribute to the golden age of slashers that’ll leave you dead in the water!

STARRING: Jon McKoy, Ethan Han, Jim Cannatelli