The Woman From China (1930) Available July 11

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A beautiful Chinese maiden (who could easily pass for white) enters into a more or less arranged marriage with an older, wealthy Dutch businessman. The marriage was set up by a sinister Chinese racketeer, who is to receive half the inheritance after the murder of her husband. She also helps kidnap a sailor’s fiancee, whom the Chinaman lusts for; while, conversely, she lusts to have the sailor for herself. Unfortunately, the sailor has found out that the Chinaman is a contraband smuggler and must die! It all ends up in a dockside rumble with bullets flying and knives plunging. McLaughlin is quite good as the evil Chinese merchant, whose wharf-side hideout is filled with secret panels and passageways, torture chambers, and an elaborate secret room. Suedo gives a terrific performance as the femme fatale, aided by her beautiful, dark, penetrating eyes. As far as we know this is the first time on video for this late British silent film, which is full of enjoyable over-the-top Yellow Peril drama and expressive acting.

STARRING: Gibb McLaughlin