The Carpet Of Horror (1962) Available July 11

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Small poison gas balls mean certain death in this well-made, stylish Krimi Euro-thriller. These pellets of death are used by a mad genius to gain revenge against his adversaries. Although not officially an Edgar Wallace film, Carpet of Horror looks every bit the part with Wallace regulars Berger and Dor playing the same kind of roles they played over at Rialto Films-home of the German Edgar Wallace films. Distributed by the same distributor as Rialto, Constantin Films. Also similar in flavor to the Dr. Mabuse films of the same period. The film was directed by Harald Reinl, another Rialto-Wallace regular. Dor is her usual stunningly beautiful self as she portrays the niece of one of the killer’s victims. Great opening sequence as the killer strikes his first victim; watch for the cool scene with an exploding sports car.

STARRING: Karin Dor, Fernando Sancho