The Litch (2018) 5 Year Anniversary! Available July 11

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It’s the 5 year anniversary! An undead zombie wizard known as The Litch is hell-bent on devouring his victims and possessing the weak when his sacred crystal is stolen by a small-time crook and his crew of big-breasted witches. The Litch uses it’s power to transform into slimy mutant creatures, spilling gallons of blood from his victims on his quest to retrieve the crystal in order to rule the four worlds. Vinnie Crowley had no idea he had awoken The Litch from it’s crypt when he robbed a jewelry store and snatched the crystal. The lovable losers jaded past literally comes back to haunt him when The Litch turns Vinnies friends and family into monster slaves as The Litch fights to steal back what was rightfully his. This action-packed horror comedy will keep you on the edge of your seat as The Litch raises the dead and assembles an army of zombies to try to destroy Vinnie and retrieve the crystal. He’s not a demon, he’s not a witch, so run for your life, here comes The Litch!

STARRING: James Balsamo, Dave Stein, Tom Sizemore