Janus Silang and the Creature of Tabon : Volume 1 in the Janus Silang Saga Available September 5

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Author: Edgar Calabia Samar

Adapted from the Philippine National Book Award-winning novel, Janus Silang and the Creature of Tabon takes the reader on a journey of discovery as Janus learns the truth about the supernatural realm of mythical creatures that surround us and how he and his family is connected to this magical world.

Monsters live in the darkest corners of our dreams, existing only as nightmares, but sometimes they find a way out. When dreams and the waking world collide how can we know what is real? Janus Silang and the Creature of Tabon tells the chilling tale of a boy’s courageous actions amidst a shadowy world and his struggle to overcome the nightmares in his waking life.

Janus is like most teenagers–he argues with his parents, wishes he had a girlfriend, and is obsessed with video games, especially one where the players fight against monsters from Philippine folklore. It’s all very ordinary, until one day when everything falls apart.

During an online tournament at a local internet cafe, all the players fall dead, except for Janus. The horror deepens as the deaths multiply across the country and Janus is contacted by a stranger, a survivor of the tournaments like himself, who asks to help solve the mystery. Along the way, Janus discovers a hidden truth in the game he has been playing and its connection with a nightmarish creature from the ancient caves of Tabon that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.


Graphic Novel