Vampires And Other Stereotypes (1994) (Collector’s Edition) Available October 24

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A pair of paranormal investigators are making their nightly rounds on the seedy streets of New York City when they encounter a group of party-hopping girls looking for a warehouse rave – who have also just accidentally opened a portal to hell. What follows is a night of practical effects monster mayhem as the group try to save themselves, and the entire planet, from a demonic invasion. The first feature from prolific 1990s Shot-On-Video writer, producer, director Kevin J. Lindenmuth, Vampires and Other Stereotypes delivers both the creatures and characters that perfectly illustrate the kind of homemade, offbeat genre movies that the video store era brought forth.

STARRING: Bill White, Laura Mclauchlin, Ed Hubbard, Wendy Bednarz, Mick Mccleery