Blood Oath Available February 27

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Author: Alex Segura

A dark, moody, and menacing horror/crime tale from acclaimed and bestselling novelists Rob Hart and Alex Segura, with lush, compelling art from star artist Joe Eisma and colorist Hilary Jenkins.

1927. New York. The peak of Prohibition. Hazel Crenshaw just wants to be left alone, to tend to her farm, to care for her younger sister, and to run her business.

But her business is inescapably tangled up with the New York gangs that will eventually coalesce into the mafia, and a new, unknown partner. When the Crenshaw farm is attacked, Hazel must not only defend her home, she must cope with the realization that her flirtation with the other side of the law might also put her in the crosshairs of something else—something much more sinister…

Collects Blood Oath #1­–#5.

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