Herencia Diabólica (1993) Available March 26

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When Tony, a successful businessman, receives a call informing him that he has inherited his late aunt’s vast estate, he uproots himself and his wife, Annie, from New York to Mexico City. While adjusting to and exploring their new gothic home, Tony and Annie come upon a mysterious clown doll. Although merely unnerved by the doll’s strange appearance at first, Annie soon becomes concerned as it begins turning up out of nowhere in every corner of the house. When a series of fatal ‘accidents’ occur on or near the couple’s property, with the doll always at the scene, Tony and Annie come to the terrifying realization that a sinister force has possessed it, and begin a race against time to figure out how to bring the carnage to an end!

The last film directed by the prolific screenwriter Alfredo Salazar, HERENCIA DIABÓLICA is a unique take on Mexico’s “possessed doll” sub-genre and has been hailed as the country’s answer to Child’s Play. Starring Mexican genre cinema heavyweights Lorena Herrera, Roberto Guinar and cultural sensation Margarito Esparza as the evil clown doll come to life, Degausser Video is proud to present the disc debut and first English-friendly release of this long-unavailable and much sought-after VHS rarity, which has been restored from its original master tape.

STARRING: Lorena Herrera, Roberto Guinar, Margarito Esparza