The Dead One (1961) Available February 27

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Barry Mahon was a decorated WWII fighter pilot, escaped P.O.W., manager of Errol Flynn during the actor’s sordid final years, nudie-cutie and kiddie matinee visionary, and more. And in 1960, Mahon wrote/produced/directed what is likely the first full-color zombie movie in exploitation history: Just outside of New Orleans, a plantation mistress summons her brother to rise from the dead for a bizarre low-budget voyage of voodoo vengeance, jazz piano, strip clubs, honeymoon romance, Creole horror, and natty zombie attire. John McKay (Cuban Rebel Girls), Linda Ormond, and Monica Davis (Rocket Attack U.S.A.) star in this regional rarity advertised as ‘The Greatest Voodoo Film Ever Made!’ – also released as Blood Of The Zombie – now scanned in 2K from the IP in its proper aspect ratio for the first time ever.

STARRING: John McKay, Linda Ormond, Monica Davis