The Zombie Army (1991) Available March 26

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The Pentagon has purchased an abandoned insane asylum as a training ground for The Lethal Ladies, an elite experimental female combat unit. Unfortunately, two former psychotic inmates were left behind in the asylum’s deserted fallout shelter. One is a shock therapy-obsessed lunatic who fancies himself a psychiatrist. The other, an unhinged nymphomaniac hellbent on lethal seduction. Together, they wreak havoc by capturing soldiers and turning them into mindless zombies by means of electricity. Trapped within the subterranean catacombs of the old asylum, The Lethal Ladies must rally their troops and do battle with the flesh-ripping hordes of the living dead.

Shot in Wilmington, Delaware and utilizing a real, abandoned asylum location, THE ZOMBIE ARMY was the brainchild of former military vet turned writer / producer John Kalinowski, who harnessed local cable production talent to help realize his dream of staging a regional SOV zombie epic. Directed by local high school drama coach Betty Stapleford and featuring an amateur cast of hundreds firing live ammunition rounds, THE ZOMBIE ARMY is an outrageous eruption of exploding heads, melting faces, eyeball gouging, acid showers, gut-munching gore, and surprising nudity. Directed by a woman and featuring an oddly empowering feminist slant, THE ZOMBIE ARMYwould go on to become a ‘90s rental store and fanzine favorite that continues to bewilder unsuspecting audiences.

STARRING: Cindie Lou Acker, Jack Armstrong, Kevin Wiggins, Natalie Kidd