The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) Available March 5

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A florist shop owner Gravis Mushnick, (Mel Welles) has two employees, Audrey Fulquard, (Jackie Joseph), and Seymour Krelboined, (Jonathan Haze). The shop gets very little business, and when Seymour fouls up a floral arrangement for dentist Dr. Farb, Mushnick fires him. Hoping to change Mushnick’s mind, Seymour talks about a plant he has grown from a Japanese gardener, and named the plant ‘Audrey Jr. ‘, which delights Audrey. Mushnick is unimpressed with the plant, so Seymour is given one week to revive the plant. Plant food does not nourish the plant, but when Seymour accidentally pricks his finger, he discovers that the plant craves blood. Fed on Seymour’s blood, Audrey Jr. Begins to grow and customers are lured in to see the plant. Seymour accidentally knocks out a drunken man along the railroad tracks. The man is subsequently run over by a train. Seymour tries to get rid of the body, but is unable to do so. He decides to feed the body parts to Audrey Jr. Mushnick observes Seymour feeding the body parts to the plant and is tempted to go to the police until he notices the line of customers at the shop. Audrey Jr. #goes on a feeding frenzy and Seymour is incapable of stopping it. With knife in hand, Seymour attempts to kill Audrey Jr. , but will he be able to stop this diabolical plant from devouring more people? The ending is a hoot and nothing you would expect. A cult classic!. (69 minutes – 1960 – Black & White – 4:3)

STARRING: Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles