Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) (4K Ultra HD) Available April 30

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Five men, all strangers, board a carriage on a train from London to the town of Bradley, where they’re joined at the last minute by a sixth – a mysterious, black-clad older gentleman who introduces himself as Doctor Schreck (German for “terror,” as he informs them). Bearing a stack of Tarot cards, Doctor Schreck claims to have the ability to read fortunes, and although some of the group are initially skeptical, it’s not long before his fellow passengers are asking him each in turn to relate what the future holds in store. What follows is five fiendish tales of terror, as the doctor reveals the various dreadful fates that are to befall his traveling companions – which include bone-chilling encounters with werewolves, killer plants, voracious vampires and all other manner of horrors!

The first in a line of anthology films to be produced by Milton Subotsky and Max Rosenberg’s celebrated Amicus Productions, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors is a frightfully entertaining classic of 60s British horror which reunites genre legends Peter Cushing as the titular doctor and Christopher Lee, who delivers a memorable turn as a scathing art critic terrorized by a disembodied hand! Helmed by Academy Award® winner Freddie Francis and featuring an early appearance by Donald Sutherland (Don’t Look Now), Vinegar Syndrome conjures up the 4K UHD debut of Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, presented from a brand new 4K restoration of its 35mm camera negative and stacked with extras both old and new!

STARRING: Peter Cushing, Donald Sutherland, Christopher Lee, Neil McCallum


4K Ultra HD