Pumpernickel : The Complete Fairytale Available May 30

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Author: Luke Cooper

There was once a little girl called Rebecca Turner…

Actually, there wasn’t because she’s really a changeling called Pumpernickel, swapped by the fairy folk as a baby. When she is called home to Faery, she refuses to leave, preferring her new life with her adoptive human parents – a decision that will put her at odds with the rest of her kind. But she’s prepared to fight to keep her human life, even if that means going to war with the whole of Faery.

By Luke Cooper, creator of Hollow Girl and AloneNotLonely, Pumpernickel is a modern fairytale about family being more than blood, no matter how much is spilled. This book collects the whole mini-series along with a bonus epilogue and pin-up.


Graphic Novel