Samurai Sonja Collection Available May 29

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Author: Jordan Clark

The Sengoku period of Japan: a time of near-constant civil war. Sonja, daughter of a slain samurai, is eager to prove herself worthy of her family’s glorious history. But in a desperate moment, she will strike a terrible bargain with a dreaded sea goddess. Sonja will be gifted magical armor and weapons capable of slaying mythical beasts — but if she falls in battle, her bloodline will be erased, and her family’s name will cease to exist! Will Sonja bring honor or shame to her ancestors? Find out in Samurai Sonja, collecting the complete five-issue series written by JORDAN CLARK (Star Wars Adventures) and illustrated by PASQUALE QUALANO (Hell Sonja) and VALENTINA PINTI (Red Sonja: Red Sitha)!