The House Where Death Lives (1981) (aka Delusion) Available May 28

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Meredith Stone, a home care nurse, has been assigned the duty of looking after a wealthy invalid named Ivar Langrock. Cooped up in Langrock’s stately country mansion, Meredith quickly suspects that someone sinister is lurking in the manor’s dark halls only to discover that Ivar’s demented and violent son has been locked away in a hidden room. Shortly thereafter, Ivar’s grandson Gabriel also moves into the house and with his arrival a mysterious killer soon begins murdering members of the Langrock family along with their live-in staff.

An unjustly obscure early slasher made while the genre was still discovering and establishing its key tropes, Alan Beattie’s THE HOUSE WHERE DEATH LIVES (aka Delusion) offers a twisted murder mystery which bridges the more nuanced and character-driven thrillers of the 70s with the stalk-and-slash structure of the early 80s. Starring Patricia Pearcy (Squirm) and John Dukakis (Jaws 2) along with Hollywood legend Joseph Cotten (The Third Man), Vinegar Syndrome is proud to bring this hidden gem of spooky-old-house atmosphere and blood-soaked mayhem to Blu-ray, newly restored in 4K from its 35mm camera negative and presented in its longest and most complete version ever released on home video.

STARRING: Patricia Pearcy, John Dukakis, Joseph Cotten, David Hayward