Discipline (2011) Available May 21

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A series of murders confuses the local police with its residue of mutilated corpses. It begins when a sadistic cult murders willing victims for entertainment. Professor Lafitte, a rich, sophisticated man whose hobby is collecting souls, leads the cult. One of his students is Jack, brilliant and obsessed with composing avant-grade music. He decides to write a concerto for synthesizers & samplers based on the recorded sound of human screams. Jack is drawn into the clutches of the professor, who is guiding him into a dark path of self-discovery in his attempt to create a new kind of music. In his quest for this new kind of music, he begins to seek out human pain. The professor leads Jack into his much more dangerous private activities. Jack’s girlfriend Claudia and his best friend Benny are journalists for the college newspaper and are covering a series of bizarre murders and mutilations that has the police stumped. Benny finally discovers that there is a connection between the murders, the professor and Jack, just as Jack and Professor Lafiette and his diabolical servants are threatening Claudia’s lives. The final scene threatens Jack’s creativity and his very life.

STARRING: Courtney Gains, Archuleta Mark, Paul Berret Brown, Eric Campos, Caryn Celaigh