Bloodborne Vol. 6: The Bleak Dominion Available July 16

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Author: Cullen Bunn

Return to the world of Bloodborne in this highly-anticipated continuation of the best-selling comics, based on the critically-acclaimed video game.

Celebrated horror comics writer Cullen Bunn and fan-favorite artist Piotr Kowalski team up once more for a sequel adventure with hunters Gretchen and Abraham.

In the plagued city of Yharnam, hunters Gretchen and Abraham search for their missing protégé. Und the blood moon, a scourge of beasts stalk the streets, and a new threat lurks around every corner. The duo must venture deep into the depths of the chalice dungeons in order to find Lucien, but malignant and ancient horrors await them. Will they find him? And what terrifying surprise awaits them if they do?

The incredible team of acclaimed horror writer Cullen Bunn and fan-favorite artist Piotr Kowalski return to continue the plight of the night of the hunt. Based on the critically acclaimed Bloodborne videogame, this stunning graphic novel features delightfully horrific artwork of recognizable places and monsters.

Collects Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion #1-4


Graphic Novel