Wasp Video Roadhouse Available May 28

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Author: Carlos Gonzalez

A comic book potpourri collecting over a decade of fever dreams, lost highways, and psycho-sexual noir. Welcome to the club.

Wasp Video Roadhouse compiles a trove of hard to find zines and self published mini-comics that even the most die hard fans have never seen. Includes: ‘Steam Walkway’ (2010), ‘Micro Pitch’ (2012), ‘Shit Town’ (2012), ‘Lost Canyon’ (2013), ‘Star Power’ (2014), ‘Scab County’ (2015), ‘The Toy Collector’ (2021) and bonus material.

These stories range a variety genres outside of Gonzalez’s science fiction ‘comfort zone’, such as romance, sports, political apocalypse, neo-noir, music biography, western. Follow the crooked journey of several ‘lost’ souls as they navigate the borders of rationality within a curdled American gumbo. If you can’t get enough of crudely drawn mutilation fables, open this door. Then you can get back to your jazz albums and drinking.

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