Franco Noir Available October 26

Following his international breakthrough with the awful dr. Orloff, director Jess Franco next delivered a startling pair of crime-thrillers that pistol-whipped European notions of film noir while lighting the fuse on Uncle Jess’ own insane aesthetic. Set in New Orleans and based on a novel by the authors of Vertigo, Death Whistles The Blues is a hard-boiled tale of betrayal, violence and revenge featuring smoky jazz compositions by Franco himself. Jean Servais of RIFIFI fame stars in Rififi In The City, a nihilistic trip through a pulp underworld of thugs, snitches, nightclub dames and black-gloved giallo-style murders. Both films – which led an impressed Orson Welles to hire Franco as his assistant on Chimes At Midnight – now feature HD scans from the original negatives for the first time ever. Bonus features include: Franco Noir ― Interview With Stephen Thrower, Author Of “Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema Of Jesús Franco”


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